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Launch of Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc. in Latin America


Unique Strategy of Cryptocurrency Trading

 For a long time, digital assets have attracted the attention of investors from all over the world. The representatives of Morgan Investment Holding are no exception since the company does not lose sight of any significant trend in the financial field. Following a thorough examination of financial anomalies, the Holding Company declared an official interest in digital technology, specifically cryptocurrency. At the moment, the company’s experts have taken several steps for the implementation of the crypto-project of their own.

Development of the Strategy

 The initiative began with the establishment of a big mining farm on their own land in Africa. Bitcoin mining has received special attention because it has held dominant positions in capitalization around the world for several years and has shown great growth potential.

The mining farm has yielded exceptional returns, allowing Morgan Investment Holding to focus on developing and implementing its unique bitcoin trading strategy. They have allocated $200 million for testing. Such a huge investment has completely paid off. The profitability of the strategy turned out to be 24% per annum. It allowed for considering this project the most successful one among all other company’s accomplishments of recent years. That is why it is attractive for investments. Simultaneously, the Morgan Investment Holding has preserved the bitcoin obtained from the mining farm in its portfolio as an attractive asset. It is generating sustainable added value due to its continuous growth.

Plans for the Future

 On having been assured of the reliability and profitability of the strategy, Morgan Investment Holding has planned to introduce it to new markets. The countries of Latin America appear the most prospective ones in terms of digital currency trading. It is the region where two countries – El Salvador and Argentina – have already officially recognized cryptocurrency at the legislative level as a legit means of payment.

Morgan Investment Holding is going to locate its official representative office in Panama. This country is a place for storing funds long ago. In perspective, the country has an intention to officially bitcoin. The government officials have repeatedly declared this. Here, investors will be able to use the blockchain potential without the risk of losing their capital.

The launch of the center will make the product of the Morgan Investment Holding available to investors from different countries. Due to its exceptional profitability, this product will be a successful investment project for everyone, including large businesses.

The decision is to open a service company of Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc. in Panama on behalf of the operating and trading center of Morgan Consulting Inc. The Morgan Asset Management Investing Inc. will serve clients and officially promote the Holding’s products. That is why the investment companies operating within their investors’ portfolios will ultimately manage to offer Morgan Investing Holding’s products to their clients. Their profitability is several times higher than that of classical portfolio investments. Therefore, they will get a chance to start a new trend in the investment world of Latin America.

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