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Spontaneous Family Wealth Discussions and Decisions Can Lead to Regrets, Finds Merrill Study


Nearly four in five wealthy families have had unplanned discussions about wealth with 26% later regretting it, according to a new study published by the Merrill Center for Family Wealth™, a part of Merrill Private Wealth Management. The research found 33% of families increased family conversations about wealth since the Pandemic; however, many families dive


Melochi Zhizni Wins Golden Brand Award for the Third Year in a Row


Melochi Zhizni, owned by a Ukrainian brand of homecare products Ergopack, will expand its range of already diverse products, available on the Georgian market since 2007, by adding plastics and accessories for dry cleaning, Eka Maghlaperidze, told Golden Brand. Maghlaperidze is head of the marketing department at Libo Group, a marketing, sales and distribution company


BMW Shows How To Use The Breathalyzer Accessory (Yes, There Is One)


BMW’s “How To” series on YouTube continues with a new episode highlighting one of the more unusual items available as an official accessory. It’s called the “alcohol interlock device,” or in layman’s terms, a breathalyzer. Although it is shown here inside an i7 xDrive60, the item can be had on other vehicles manufactured since July

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