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‘Cultural Pogrom’: Putin’s St. Petersburg Alma Mater Purges Dissident Students, Faculty


Linguistics professor Svetlana Drugoveiko-Dolzhanskaya's 41-year career teaching at St. Petersburg State University (SPGU) came to an end on October 13 -- a Friday, as ill luck would have it. The esteemed educator, who created and headed the university's master's degree program in editing and textual criticism, was fired for "immoral activity…incompatible with a university position,"


US Providing Ukraine With $325 Million in New Military Aid


The United States on Wednesday announced $325 million in new military aid for Ukraine in a package that is expected to include more artillery rounds and rockets for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), as Ukraine continues to burn through artillery munitions at a high rate.


Americans are increasingly worried about China-Taiwan tensions


A growing share of Americans are concerned about tensions between China and Taiwan, according to a Pew Research Center survey conducted March 20-26, 2023. Nearly half of U.S. adults (47%) say tensions between mainland China and Taiwan are a very serious problem for the United States, up 4 percentage points since October 2022 and 19 points since February