Picking a Theme for Your Wedding: 5 Things to Consider

Themed weddings have become ever more popular in recent years. Read on for tips on how to choose yours.


Planning a wedding is a time filled with constant decision making. One variable which will influence the outcome of all of the others is a theme.

A theme can make your wedding magical, with coherent decorations, locations and colour schemes that reflect you and your partner perfectly. Here are 5 things to consider when you’re picking your wedding theme.

  1. Location

Where do you want to have your wedding and how will it tie into your theme? Perhaps you want a beach wedding with a coastal theme or a classic, romantic wedding set in a castle or big ballroom. Whatever you are planning, the location will make a big impact on the overall feeling of your wedding. It must make sense in view of the wider picture.

  1. Your Hobbies and Passions

Do you and your partner have any shared hobbies or passions that you would want to theme your wedding on? Are there any TV shows or movies that you’d like to have a themed wedding surrounding – for example, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, or Harry Potter? Have a chat with your spouse-to-be to find out if there’s anything that you both love enough to centre your wedding around and host the themed wedding of the year!

  1. The Season

The season you decide to hold your wedding in can have a big impact on the theme. For example, if you’ve always dreamed of a winter wedding but want a seaside theme, you might need to rethink your plans a bit. Additionally, there are colour schemes associated with the different seasons, so if you like warmer hues like oranges and reds, why not opt for an autumnal wedding? If pastels and flower themes are more your style, an outdoor springtime wedding might be perfect for you!

  1. Your Budget

The budget you have to work with can make a difference to your theme. The process of getting married requires tight budget control. Right from the proposal – where you or your partner will have scoured over the color and clarity of diamonds before committing to a diamond engagement ring – to the wedding itself, knowing your financial limit is essential. However, there are ways to make most themes come to life on any budget, so do some bargain hunting and see what you can conjure up.

  1. The Size of Your Wedding

The number of people you envisage coming to your wedding will affect the theme you choose. Will the celebration be a big one, with hundreds of people and a big, fancy affair or will it be small and intimate with just a few select guests? Whatever you choose, the number of people at your wedding will influence many factors, such as the venue you hire and the kind of theme you end up settling on.

Consider all of these things when you are trying to pick a theme for your wedding and everything should come together wonderfully. Opt for a theme that reflects you and your partner’s personalities as well as accommodates the size of your wedding and your budget. Your wedding will be magical.

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